Communion & Baptism

The Holy Sacraments of Communion & Baptism

The Sacrament of Communion

Communion is offered during Sunday morning worship on the 1st Sunday of the month and during most of our Saturday evening services. This church practices open Communion – all are welcome to receive Communion, including children, and regardless of church membership or denominational affiliation.

We receive Communion one of two ways: by intinction (dipping the bread into the cup, which holds unfermented grape juice) or served seated (the elements will be brought to each pew).

The elements served are bread and unfermented grape juice. Gluten free bread is available upon request.

Currently, as per our pandemic protocols, we distribute prepackaged communion cups with non-alcoholic grape juice and gluten free bread.

The Sacrament of Baptism

Interested in being baptized or in having your child baptized? Baptisms are joyous occasions for individuals, families and for the whole church. It is the “initiation rite” of the Church, and a visible symbol of God’s grace outpouring in love over the one being baptized. At baptisms, we remember Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan, when the Spirit descended upon him like a dove and said “You are my beloved, with whom I am well-pleased!” Baptism is a celebration in which we welcome a child of God into the body of Christ. It is a time of prayer and covenanting, as we bless the waters of baptism, and make promises to care for one another in our life of faith.

At The Congregational Church, UCC in Tryon, baptism is celebrated in the midst of the worshiping community, with the support and commitment of the people of God and on behalf of the Church Universal, with whom the one baptized is joined together. Promises are exchanged that underscore the intention to be followers of Jesus’ way of compassion, mercy and justice. We gladly welcome persons of any age who seek to be baptized, or in the case of young children, those whose parents are ready to make a profession of faith on their behalf. Baptizing infants not only expresses the radical inclusion of Jesus, who turned no one away: It also commits the whole congregation to raise our children in the ways of Jesus. Because of this, “private” family baptisms are discouraged, although exceptional circumstances might permit them occasionally. Or, you may consider a blessing instead.

Baptism is offered for persons of all ages and circumstances.

To learn more about Baptisms or to schedule one, please contact the church office at (828)859-9414 or send an email to the Pastor.

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