We Welcome You!

We’re glad you found us! The Congregational Church, UCC in Tryon is a progressive, multi-generational, community engaged in loving our neighbors by following the way of Jesus. We care a lot about each other, God’s beautiful creation, and what’s happening in the world around us. When we say “you are welcome here,” we mean it. And not because we want to change who you are or cast judgment upon you.  

So . . . if you have the scraped knees of youth or the aching ones of age, if you have your financial advisor on speed dial or just a few dollars in your wallet, if you are gay, straight, trans, CIS, gender non-conforming, or not one to be defined by labels, if you are divorced or married, single or widowed, if you’re a slip-out-before-worship-ends-churchgoer or one who can’t wait to meet everyone, you are welcome here, in this home of Christ’s friends, where we worship the God whose vision of a beloved community has a place for us all.


Worship is at 10:00 am every Sunday in the Sanctuary and online via livestream. We offer a warm welcome to everyone.


Ministry teams are how we live out our mission as a church. It's where passion, service, and fellowship combine. Join a team!


Stay connected with others through worship, community activities, social events, livestreaming and weekly bulletins.


You can support our pursuit of peace and transformation by contributing to the Congregational Church, UCC in Tryon.

What We're About

Compassionately creating God’s beloved community in the world. Embracing joy. Sharing our stories. Following Jesus’ example of working to bring about justice for our neighbors. Caring for creation. Exploring our faith with open hearts and minds. Spending time in community with good food and good company.

Worship through inspiring and thought-provoking sermons

Sharing music to unite us with God and each other

Relating religion to life in a way that touches hearts and minds

Fellowship and caring friendships

Helping others through outreach

Learning and personal spiritual growth

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